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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Care Home

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Care Home

Choosing a care home north wales can be an overwhelming decision if you’re not sure what to look for. It can be especially difficult if you’re trying to find a place that offers exactly what you need and nothing less, whether it’s medical care, physical therapy, or simply companionship and entertainment. Use these five tips to help you through the process of choosing the best care home, no matter your situation or your budget.

1) Location

First and foremost, location is essential. It’s important to consider how close you want your loved one to be—does he or she need round-the-clock care? Is there public transportation nearby? Can you visit multiple times each day? Choose an area that will make it easy for you, your family members, and other loved ones to provide constant support throughout your loved one’s needs.

2) Reputation

Reputation is king. Before choosing a care home, take some time to do your research on online forums and social media sites. Reading reviews will give you insight into what other people have experienced at that facility, which might just help you avoid unpleasant surprises later down the line. If possible, visit multiple care homes in person so you can compare them side-by-side.

3) Atmosphere

In choosing a care home, you should look for one that's comfortable and inviting. There are many types of care homes to choose from, ranging from assisted living facilities—where residents have varying degrees of need—to skilled nursing facilities, where residents receive intensive medical attention. For example, if your loved one has advanced Alzheimer's and will require constant supervision and assistance with daily activities, you may want to consider hiring a geriatric care manager or perhaps an in-home caregiver so you can remain involved in his or her life. In fact, it's actually recommended that you visit each potential care home at least twice before making any decisions so you can accurately assess whether it feels like a good fit for your loved one.

4) Interior Design

Most people don’t want to think about what their care home will look like – but we all know it matters. We’re more likely to stay somewhere we feel comfortable, and visitors are often put off by horrible décor. It may not be as important as the quality of care, but the design is an essential factor in making you happy in your care home.

5) Amenities

Amenities aren’t everything, but if you or your loved one is going to be living in a care home for more than a year, they should be an important factor. Look for homes with small common areas, so that residents can feel part of something larger. If there are TV rooms or lounges, make sure that they’re not too loud, and that people can use them when they want.

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