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Under Bed LED Lighting Is Human Centric Lighting at its Best


We love the LED Lighting which is going around the internet recently, and lighting like this really has a possibility to change people’s lives for the better. LED Underbed Lighting is an ingenious system which allows you to get out of bed, trigger a sensor, and an LED Light underneath your bed (most commonly an LED Strip Light, but LED Rope Lights are also used for excellent effect) will light the floor beneath it, allowing you to get out of bed without any slips, trips, or falls – and absolutely no scrabbling around in the dark.

There is word of varying care homes within the UK adapting this lighting – and doing so is turning out to be cheaper than expected. The beauty of LED Underbed Lighting is the fact that it is really very cheap to implement – all that LED Underbed Lighting really is, is a LED Rope Light or an LED Strip Light which is adhered underneath a bed. It is then connected to a sensor which is placed on the side of the bed, and as someone places a foot out of the bed in order to leave it, the sensor tells the LED Light to activate.

The possibilities don’t end there. It is entirely theoretically possible to have the same LED Rope or LED Strip Lighting adhered to various points, such as the bottom of a bathroom sink, the inside of a door frame, or even along floors in order to light the way for someone without the need to hit a light. LED Lighting has the massive advantage as well that the light can be adjusted – stark overhead lighting might be too much for some (especially in the middle of the night) but LED Lighting can be configured to shine in very sympathetic hues in order to not disorientate.

With older people, and those with dementia in particular, it has been observed that in the night time, they are far more likely to be active than in the day. Needless to say, it is not surprising that most accidents resulting in injury happen overnight. With this kind of innovative lighting in play, some of these accidents can be avoided, without expense to the resident’s dignity.   

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