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What You Need To Know About Riser Recliner Chairs

Riser recliner chairs may look like ordinary arm chairs  but this type of chair has electric motors that allow the chair to rise and adjust its height in order to allow people to sit and stand easily. Some chairs also have massage options that helps the person’s blood circulation. There are many types of riser recliner chairs that are available in the market today and all of these offer convenience to its users.

How Does A Rise Recliner Chair Work?

Unlike ordinary recliner chairs, a rise recliner chair comes with a motor underneath it that powers the chair’s compartments to rise up or down. In order to power the motor, the user of the riser recliner chair pushes a button that is located near the arm rest. In order to support the weight of the body, the riser recliner chair comes with metal posts that are located underneath the base of the chair. The metal posts extend or shortens depending on the action of the motor. The other features of such a chair include a heater component to warm the chair as well as several vibrating panels that gives it a massaging option.

The Benefits of a Riser Recliner Chair

There are a lot of benefits that riser recliner chairs offer and one of them is to give more freedom and comfort to the user. Since this particular chair come with motors underneath, the electric motor can make the chair rise up to near standing position. This particular chair is very helpful for the elderly people, disabled or people who have just received surgery and are still recovering. The chair’s ability to rise makes it easy for people to ease onto it without putting too much strain on their joints or their bodies’ as a whole.
Another great thing about riser recliner chairs is that they are usually manufactured in order to meet the specific needs of the user. When buying this chair,  manufacturers adjust the shape of the base of the chair as well as its height in order to provide the best seating position to the user.
The motors of the riser recliner chairs also make sure that adjusting the recline of the chair is done as smoothly as possible. Unlike ordinary chairs that use levers, rise recliner chairs smoothly transfers the weight and movement while reclining so that the user will be in a more comfortable position.
There are many benefits of buying a riser recliner chair and this is the reason why this particular chair is considered as the most innovative in the market today.

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