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The Best Products for those Facing Mobility Issues.

The Advantages of Riser Recliner Chairs

Riser recliner chairs are ideal for individuals who experience daily difficulty getting out of a chair or rising from a sitting position on a daily basis. A mobility problem or arthritic condition can change people’s lives and it is important that the furniture in the home is adapted too as circumstances change for the individual.  It is advised that consumers do their homework about the different riser recliner chairs on the market as different recliner chairs suit different needs according to different medical conditions and individual requirements.

How Do Riser Recliner Chairs Work?

Riser recliner chairs helps a person stand with the least effort and pain as possible by rising with the individual and helping them get into a comfortable standing position.  An electric motor is installed in the chair and this nifty little device instructs the chair to rise gently by simply pressing a button.  Rising recliner chairs guarantee their occupants a smooth ride and a safe transition to their feet without putting pressure on the hips, knees, leg and abdominal muscles.

Dual or Single Motor?

There are a few points to consider when getting a riser recliner, the first of these is the choice of motor used, single motors allow for control of footrest and backrest while dual motors allow for a number of different positions. Single motors are more cost effective, and more affordable, however if its quality and versatility then dual motor would be the best choice.

Peace of Mind

Most riser recliner chairs have the ability to work in the event of a power cut because most chairs come with a battery backup feature installed in the chair itself. If there is an emergency you will not be left stranded in your chair! The higher quality of recliner chairs offer multiple reclining positions and remember this chair is “your” chair so be selfish and think of your own needs!

Riser Recliner Chairs in a Variety of Colours and Fabric Types

Choosing a recliner chair is a lot like choosing a pair of shoes or boots. You want something functional that meets your needs but is also “you”. It is worth remembering riser recliner chairs need to be plugged in so it must be placed by a working power socket.  No matter what your taste in fabrics or materials there is a rising recliner chair for you and if you worry that your interior design scheme may be ruined by your chair think again. The riser recliner chair may be the talking point of your living room for years to come!

Do I need Extra Functions?
The most expensive riser recliner chairs boast heat and massage features but these are a lot more expensive than the standard riser recliner chairs. It is worth exploring your options to find the perfect chair for you!

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