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Travelling Abroad If Youre Disabled

It can be challenging travelling abroad if you have a disability or mobility issues. So, finding ways of making this simple and convenient for the individual can help dramatically. You may have chosen or are in need of an electric wheelchair hire Llandudno too!

Before Leaving

One important thing to remember is to get your travel insurance booked. This can be costly, but it’s definitely worth it. When you book your insurance, it’s important to remember to note down your disability. Not doing so may result in a claim not being accepted.

Other things to remember before you travel include:

  • Packing your medication

  • Speak with your GP to see if they need to recommend anything for the journey

  • Check your mobility scooter is fully charged 

Whilst Booking

When you’re booking your holiday, it’s important to note down all your requirements. This includes during your travel and at your accommodation. If you have a disability or mobility issues, then it’s more than likely you’ll need special accessibility requirements. 

Questions you may want to ask your accommodation include:

  • Is there ramp access to all the main areas of the property?

  • Are there charging points available?

  • Do you have availability of supportive bedding or mattresses?

You may also want to know whether there is room to store your mobility scooter or wheelchair once you arrive at the accommodation. 

Check Flight Details

Before getting on the plane, it’s important to select the right airline for you. In most cases, they’ll be an option where you can select for assistance. This will ensure you get the support you need from the airline staff when you arrive on the plane. This may include assistance in finding your seat or ensuring you’re comfortable once settled in. Other factors you may want to look into before selecting the perfect airline is customer service reviews and flight lengths, as you may not feel comfortable travelling on long haul flights. 

Preferred Times

If you or someone you’re going on holiday with needs special requirements whilst eating, this is a good thing to check with the hotel managers. Some individuals with a disability may not wish to sit among large, busy crowds whilst they eat. If this is the case, the accommodation may provide an alternative time for you to enjoy your meals in the restaurant.

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