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Getting A Free Will And What You Need to Know


Getting a will is absolutely vital to anyone with people they care about which will be left behind. For many of us, we really don’t like the thought of the fact that we will not be here forever, let alone the thought of leaving loved ones behind. However, getting a will is less of a depressing affair and more of a good one – to have absolute peace of mind that when you are gone, those you love will not be left without anything. The services of good solicitors Ruthin which specialises in Wills North Wales can be absolutely paramount to very, very many of us.


However, it can be quite an expensive process. More and more of us are resorting to “DIY wills” which allow a person to fill in a form online, and get their will done that way. No problem, right? …well, wrong. Getting a DIY will can seem a great idea for the short term, but when you’re gone, those you love will more than often find out that as a legal document, a DIY Will simply doesn’t stand up.


In a way, they’re very like the gift packages you see around Christmastime – naming a star after a loved one is all well and good, and probably will cost you a few hundred pounds, but that star is not actually named anything of the sort officially. While DIY wills are a rather nice idea, they more than often, like all wills, are put under immense scrutiny by varying solicitors hoping to find the best deal for their client, and can often be torn apart.  


There is hope though. Major charities have free will services, which certain solicitors accept. One of which is Swayne Johnson solicitors in Llandudno, North Wales. This firm is well established and very reputable, and has a team of fine will solicitors which are more than happy to tailor your will, exactly as you want it – and you can have the confidence that the document they will produce will be absolutely water-tight.

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